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The family

The Ginanni's since the end of the fifteenth century owned great quantities of land south of Ravenna especially in the Santo Stefano area, were they owned until 1970 an estate that included the beautiful villa of "Morigia".
The counts Ginanni received the surname Fantuzzi as an inheritance between 1806 and 1817, with the death of the counts Marco and Giuseppe Fantuzzi, last living of their family and with no heirs. Together with the surname they became owners of the Gualdo a Savigano estate which they still own.

The count Marcantonio Ginanni Fantuzzi married Orsola of the Cattani counts of Brisighella, and when her brother died with no heir, the Ginanni Fantuzzi took hold of the Cattani properties. One of them was the Brisighella estate.

The origins of the Ginanni family are to be traced in Hungary, country that the family left in 1241, with their king Bela the fourth, because of the arrival of the hordes of Tartars.
At First the Ginanni lived on the island of Arbe in Dalmatia, then in Venice, Siena, Meldola, were between 1135 and 1378 they covered the dignities of governors and Pope's vicars. At last they arrived in Ravenna, and there in the first years of 1500 they took part of the nobility of the city being included in the political and economic life of what was the capital of the Pope's Legation in Romagna.

In 1605 Pope Paul the fifth awarded them with the title of counts. Between 1500 and 1700 many components of the family distinguished them selves as men of science or culture.